Real Estate Basics to Keep in Stock


Real Estate Basics to Keep in Stock

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Real estate agents are always on the move, going between property showings, open houses, closings, consultations and more. It can be easier than you might think to lose track of your available marketing materials! Running out of stock on your necessary basics can mean missing out on potential clients or properties.  

Ensure you never miss out on closing the deal with the right marketing basics from KKP Montréal - Pointe Claire. Think about how often you use: 

  • Postcards: Postcards are an affordable, versatile marketing option. You can use them as piece of direct mail to promote an available property or to showcase agents that service a community, or even as a leave-behind at meetings or trade shows. Having a good stock of your available postcard options on hand means that you can quickly mail them out when necessary, such as to potential buyers following a showing.  
  • Promotional items: Good promo items have great staying power, sticking around inside a customer’s home and keeping you top-of-mind for weeks or months. It’s a smart move to have a good stock of small but useful promotional items, like branded pens, to give out during casual client interactions. If you have a buyer who closes on a home, consider sending branded drinkware as a congratulatory housewarming gift – one that will keep your name in their minds when it comes time to sell. 
  • Yard signs: A staple of the real estate industry, yard signs are an affordable, versatile signage option. They’re an ideal choice for numerous applications, such as for promoting open houses, catching attention for available properties, or just highlighting contact info of agents in a community. More generic signs (such as those that simply say “open house today!” with an arrow, for example) can also be re-used for future needs. 
  • Folders: It may seem obvious to say that folders are a necessity of real estate marketing. But a good folder can go a long way for your agency and your properties. Presenting a potential client with a sturdy, branded folder that contains all the most-needed information about available properties, along with a spot for your business card to stand out, can make for a strong and professional first impression. 

If you need to restock on your agency’s frequently used marketing materials, or if you need more ideas on how to promote your properties, contact KKP Montréal - Pointe Claire – we can help! 

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