How To Take Care of Your Car Graphics?


How To Take Care of Your Car Graphics?

As a business owner, you may have decided to take advantage of the captive audience on the road by decorating your vehicle with your custom graphics. To make the best possible first impression with potential customers, it’s important to keep your vehicles looking sharp. Frequent washing is the best way to accomplish this goal, but what’s the ideal strategy for optimal cleanliness? Here are a few tips to help you take proper care of your vehicle graphics.

Why Proper Cleaning Is Important

Cleaning your automobile is not really something you need to schedule, but vehicle wraps bring an extra element to the equation and it is recommended you wash them regularly. While maintaining a neat, clean and  professional look is the biggest reason to keep the car or truck clean, there is one another benefit you’ll realize by performing this regular chore: longevity. Keeping your wrap clean will help prolong its service life. 

How Often Should You Wash?

A good rule of thumb to follow is to use the eye test and do a full cleaning when the graphics start to look dirty. You can also supplement your efforts with occasional spot treatments with denatured alcohol. Don’t let dirt or other blemishes sit too long, or they could lead to permanent staining.

Wash by Hand Whenever Possible

While going through a car wash is safe for high-quality vehicle graphics, if you have the time and human resources, use the delicate touch that can only come with a hand-washing treatment. This technique might be slower, but it gives you complete control over the type of detergent used and the scrubbing tools implemented during the cleaning process.

Pressure washing is another popular technique for vehicle cleaning, especially for companies with an entire fleet of cars or trucks. You can still use this method with auto graphics, but it should be performed by a professional. Keep the system’s pressure below 2,000 psi and use a wide-angle spray nozzle that disperses the solution with at least a 40-degree angle. Use warm water, but don’t exceed 60 degrees Celsius, and maintain a distance of at least 30 centimeters to prevent damage to the film.

Use the Right Cleaners, Treatments, and Tools

While it’s essential to clean your vehicle at the proper interval, it’s equally crucial to be mindful of the cleaning agents and tools used during the washing process. When selecting a detergent, look for a name-brand gentle soap and dilute it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’ve been given any kind of pre-treatment to use by the car vinyl company, make sure you use it as recommended. Use a soft sponge to gently apply the solution to your vehicle’s surface Brushes and other abrasive tools should not be used on vehicles with vinyl graphics.

Attend to Certain Things  as Soon as Possible

Standard cleaning techniques will suffice to remove regular road dirt and debris, but there are situations when you should opt for on-the-spot treatments. Tree sap, bird droppings, and insects can become challenging to remove the longer they sit, which is why you should act quickly to remove them from your vinyl vehicle wraps. Use a sponge and warm water to soak the affected area for a few minutes until the unwanted dirt loosens up.

Even if you have a high-quality vehicle wrap, gasoline, and oil present another challenge to the material’s integrity. If you spill one of these substances while topping off your tank, use a clean paper towel to remove it immediately. As soon as you get the chance, use a spot treatment to remove the liquid before it has a chance to degrade the vinyl vehicle wrap. 

Adhere to these other Maintenance Tips

Proper cleaning is a big part of maintaining your vehicle vinyl graphics, but there are other things you can do to keep your automobile looking great. Sun carries ultraviolet radiation, which can combine with environmental contaminants to prematurely fade the colors on your wrap. Park under a canopy or in a garage whenever possible and look for shady spots when parking outside.

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