10 Ways To Use Digital Display Signs for Your Business


10 Ways To Use Digital Display Signs for Your Business

Digital signs give businesses a blank slate they can regularly update as the need arises. This is one of the main reasons a lot of companies are investing in digital signage alternatives. There are a variety of ways your business can use digital signs to reach existing and prospective customers.  Here are 10 creative ideas to make good use of these signs.

1.      Staff Introductions

Your team is what makes your business run smoothly. Let your customers get to know them by cycling through each member and highlighting his or her relatable qualities. With your staff’s consent, you can also include photos, along with quotes that express why they enjoy working at your company. Showcase an employee of the month to recognize their work. This is also a creative way to present staff picks or recommendations. This information can prompt conversations and makes customer interactions with team members.

2.      Testimonials

If you’re continually getting good feedback from those you serve, share it with your other customers! In choosing a product or service to use, many consumers seek out reviews. Testimonials give them an excellent first impression they can carry with them as they get to know your business.

3.      Menus

Restaurants can keep customers coming back by consistently offering new recipes. The easiest way to keep your selections up to date is with digital menu boards. These can mount above your counter, just like a traditional menu, and you can readily modify what you’re cooking up. This is fantastic for specials or soup selections, which may change every day. The flexibility also makes it possible to tweak pricing if you need to advertise seasonal offerings.

4.      Product Demonstration

No matter how revolutionary a product may be, some aspects of it that might be difficult to explain in an instruction booklet. Digital video displays can loop through a video of someone using your product and explaining exactly how it works. Videos can be more engaging than static images, allowing you to attract a bigger audience to your products.

5.      Product Announcement

As you grow and expand your business, it’s likely you’ll develop new products with time. With something fresh in the pipeline, you can build anticipation by advertising it well in advance. With a digital sign, you will be able to modify the information as the launch date approaches. You could even feature a countdown for its release date.

6.      Trade-Show Features

Trade shows are great for your business, but you should do more than just show up to make an impact. With digital marketing screens, you can inform visitors of everything you’ve got going on without having to speak to each and every person. Use them to advertise special activities such as; giveaways, raffles, games, panel speakers, and daily schedule.

7.      Exterior Digital Signs

Some people think digital signs must remain inside to avoid contact with the elements, but that’s not always the case. Digital signs can be specifically made for outdoor use. These signs are typically more durable and can stand up against bad weather.

8.      Touch-Screen Directory

Interactive digital signs are based on touch-screen technology; they allow users to navigate through menus to access the information they’re looking for. This will enable you to serve as many people as you can.

9.      Special Offers

A digital sign gives you the freedom and flexibility to experiment with temporary deals and special offers. Putting a time limit on cost savings can be very useful in convincing customers to pull the trigger when they’re unsure. The more you implement this kind of approach, the more business you’ll able to secure. In addition to current offers, you can have your digital sign loop through upcoming sales as well. Advertising a clearance event ahead of time can encourage people to return.

10.  Off-Site Marketing

Depending on your business, you may occasionally plan events that occur at different venues than your primary establishment. Digital boards let you outline all the information a customer needs to attend, including registration information if necessary.

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